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Student Community Center, Meeting Room D

Join us in a dialogue about Allyship through the lens of marginalized community members. Share your own experience as a member of an immigrant or underrepresented community and hear the experiences of others. Explore the intersections of those experiences and discover how your story informs the way you wish to be supported. What is your experience of Allyship? What does being an Ally look like for you? When have you not felt supported? What are the intersections of immigrant and underrepresented community members experiences? How can we build a shared perspective of Allyship to support each other and our collective communities? This is your opportunity to be heard and, to listen to the unique perspectives of others. Help be the bridge that connects and supports each of us and our communities in ways that moves us forward together. Sponsored by: Campus Dialogue & Deliberation and Sustained Dialogue at UC Davis.

Refreshments provided