Germaine M. Kennix

Executive Assistant to Vice Chancellor Tull
Germaine M Kennix

I have extensive administration background that has shown me what it means to represent inclusion within the communities I serve. My passion as a professional of color has led me to advocate for change while utilizing corporate platforms to share accountability for providing equitable access for all. For me, working to strengthen diversity is second-nature, as the oldest Southern-born sister of three siblings, who were all raised in the vibrant Bay Area, California. As the Executive Assistant to Vice Chancellor Tull, I am devoted to developing a growth agenda, starting with my work at UC Davis. Within this role I aim to forge resources of togetherness that are fostered as collective so that every person, staff, student or organization has a heard voice.

The hashtag that represents my inspiration is #KeepOnKeepingOn, as it speaks to my acknowledgement of spreading hope from a starting place, as well as the motivation of continuing to do work that impacts the present and the future.

Last updated 26 February 2021