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This report explores California’s MSIs and their place within the state’s higher education landscape. The following questions guide our analysis: Who attends California’s MSIs? How does California’s higher education policy shape MSIs? Are MSIs being effectively used to address the pressing issues of access, equity, and attainment? We looked at data points for California MSIs according to these categories: enrollment, finance, and performance. We collected data from those MSIs included in IPEDS. Based on the unique differentiation of higher education in California, we analyzed MSIs by the following categories: two-year public (CCC), four-year public (CSU and UC) and four-year private.

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The purpose of this paper is to highlight best practices for fostering student success at four-year institutions, particularly those that are selective and research intensive. Success in higher education is primarily defined by retention and graduation rates, and so the majority of this paper will focus on the strategies that colleges and universities employ to enhance retention. We first present an overview of the best practices in retention for all students, including Latina/os, and then shift our focus to detail some of the initiatives across several UC campuses that are designated as HSIs or emerging HSIs and are proactively engaging with the notion of “Hispanic serving.”

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