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UC Davis Talent Acquisition is pleased to share that we have developed several new resources to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our recruitment efforts.

Below is an outline of the new resources available to you and your teams.

1)      Supervisor Diversity & Inclusion Page: Our new supervisor diversity & inclusion page contains all-new information about attracting, selecting, and hiring diverse candidates at UC Davis. Additionally, you’ll find resources on understanding Affirmative Action goals, as well as a list of local contacts and groups to help develop a robust applicant pool for your open positions. 

2)      Employee Diversity & Inclusion Page: Our new employee diversity & inclusion page provides a comprehensive list of our employee resource groups (ERGs) and diversity trainings available to staff.   

Both websites include a newly released video from Chancellor May highlighting the importance of cultivating a diverse workforce & hiring for inclusive excellence.

3)      Staff Diversity Ambassador Program: Talent Acquisition launched the Staff Diversity Ambassador program this year. The new initiative pairs Talent Acquisition Partners with staff diversity leaders from UC Davis & UC Davis Health to conduct community outreach. Check out all the great events we have attended this year by visiting our new website!

4)      Recruitment Events & Application Tips: We have created a new website that lists the various recruitment events our Talent Acquisition Partners are attending throughout the year. Additionally, it contains tips, tricks, and resources for prospective applicants to help them with the application prospect. You can find the new page here.

5)      Talent Acquisition Sourcing, Diversity, and Outreach Annual Report: Lastly, you can find our Sourcing, Diversity, and Outreach Annual Report here. This report covers the many accomplishments of Talent Acquisition in 2018 related to our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Additionally, it contains a roadmap for where we are headed in 2019. 

On behalf of Talent Acquisition, we are excited to see what we can accomplish together in the upcoming year!