Shea Hazarian (she, her, hers)

Medical Student and Resident Program Coordinator, Office of Student and Resident Diversity

Shea Hazarian

As the Medical Student and Resident Program Coordinator, I support students and resident physicians from historically excluded backgrounds in medicine, and work to remove structural barriers so they can thrive and better serve our communities. I have previously worked in Academic Personnel and Faculty Development & Diversity at UC Davis Health, and I have also coordinated multiple LGBTQ+ health initiatives including the Improving OUTcomes Conference. I was born and raised on unceded Puyallup land in the Pacific Northwest, and I have a bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of San Francisco.

Why I Do DEI Work

My fear of coming out as queer in my hometown led me to seek a new community far from home, and I was lucky enough to have DEI spaces in college that opened their arms to me. It was through these spaces that I contextualized what I was learning in my social science classes and developed an understanding of my privileges for the first time. I am eternally grateful for my mentors, especially women of color in academia, who have helped me channel my emotions into purpose.  Education is prone to oppression just as much as any other field, but I appreciate that we are grounded in a common purpose to keep learning and growing. It is this commitment to knowing better and doing better that led me to DEI work.

Personal Motto

Trust the process.

Last updated 23 February 2021