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Student Expression

Independent thought and diversity of opinions are the essence of the university, and freedom of expression is necessary for the university to fulfill its mission of producing and disseminating knowledge. Without the ability of its members to freely hear, express and debate different ideas and points of view, the university would lack the culture of free inquiry that lies at the foundation of the academic enterprise. In furtherance of this mission, the university's Principles of Community aspire to create an environment committed to the highest standards of civility, respect and decency. (PPM Section 400-01, Freedom of Expression)

As a public university, UC Davis is governed by the same laws as any government body. That means that all members of our community enjoy the protections of the First Amendment. This freedom is essential, but it also has the potential to offend and even to hurt.

While the university cannot restrict these liberties, we offer many services to help students cope with the discomfort that the free and open exchange of ideas can bring.