Unit & Department Courses

Unit & Department Courses

Diversity & Inclusion Education Program provides educational opportunities through courses, seminars, trainings, and workshops to campus units and departments. Using the tenets of the UC Davis Principles of Community as guiding principles, these educational activities aim to increase awareness and sensitivity about the diversity that makes up our campus community. Through facilitated discussions, these educational sessions engage participants in dialogue about creating a more inclusive campus community and developing the important skills necessary to navigate an increasingly diverse institution. 

Diversity & Inclusion Education Program has facilitated unit and department courses around topics including:

  • Avoiding Bias in the Hiring Process 
  • Conducting Culturally Inclusive Trainings
  • Conflict Management: Diversity in Conflict Modes
  • Culturally Inclusive Language
  • Disability Awareness in the Workplace
  • Diversity Awareness for New Supervisors and Leads 
  • Implementing the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Vision 
  • Inclusive Advising, Inclusive Classrooms, Inclusive Leadership, Inclusive Tutoring  
  • Intercultural Communication and Competence
  • Intercultural Recruitment and Selection 
  • Living the Principles of Community – Debrief 
  • Is it Bullying? Awareness, Understanding & Strategies in Dealing with Abrasive Behaviors in the Workplace 
  • Leading and Managing in a Multicultural Community               
  • LGBTQIA+ Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Living the Principles of Community (online) 
  • Making the Unconscious Conscious: Understanding and Mitigating Bias
  • Microaggressions: Towards Greater Awareness and Understanding
  • Understanding Diversity and Social Justice
  • Understanding Generational Differences
  • Understanding Religious Differences in the Workplace
  • Unpacking Oppression
  • Working with Diverse Student Populations

Interested in another topic? We're happy to work with you to develop a custom program. 

Any of our programs can be modified to fit the needs of a unit, campus department, or organization. To request a specialized presentation, training, or workshop for your group, please contact the Diversity & Inclusion Education Program team at diversitytraining@ucdavis.edu