Action Planning

Action Planning for Divisions, Colleges, Schools, and Departments

Values and Visions – Roadmaps to Excellence

Action Planning Next Steps: 5+5

Our action planning process is, at its center, based in the 5 goals of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Vision. These goals along with the accompanying strategies emerged from a three-year process of co-creation—incorporating the gathering and organizing of previous feedback, multiple layers of community engagement, and stakeholder review at every stage in the development process. 

We are supplementing this with the intellectual framework developed by Dr. Maisha T. Winn and Dr. Lawrence (Torry) Winn of the Center for Transformative Justice in Education Center.

Their 5 Pedagogies are:

  1. History Matters
  2. Race Matters
  3. Language Matters
  4. Justice Matters
  5. Futures Matter

This framework allows for deeper reflection by planning participants on:

  • how to authentically suspend harm with a goal of improving climate,
  • how to interrupt the status quo in our learning and working environments so as to invite inclusive innovation,
  • how to foster workplace and learning communities as sites for restorative practice, centering justice in our notions of meaningful work

As with many of our efforts, our approach to planning is introspective and inquisitive, supporting the building of community so that units develop their own accountability and responsibility for creating and enforcing inclusive practice within their organizational culture.

Step 1: Readiness


Step 2: Address Histories, Race, Justice, Language – Reflection and Learning

  • Consult with DEI Education team to develop a program of courses to address high priority climate issues
  • Work with TJE on organizational reflection and deep dives into organizational history and anti-racism best practices
  • Incorporate guidance from other leaders and frameworks

Step 3: Engagement and Research

  • Engage all members of your organization in planning
  • Work with DEI committee to develop organization-wide and individual ongoing professional development plans
  • Gather any additional recommendations from within your organization and from key stakeholders
  • Gather research and data

Step 4: Address Futures – Plan and Act

  • Write your Action plan
  • Develop your implementation plan
  • Gather resources and set a timeline

Step 5: Sustain, Assess, and Iterate

  • Create an evaluation plan
  • Share your progress with us and the campus
  • Engage, mentor, and coach


The Office of Diversity Equity Inclusion is partnering with other entities on campus to provide tools and resources to support DEI action planning and professional development.

Diversity and Inclusion Education Program

  • Orientation to the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Vision
  • Consultations on professional and organizational development
  • Ongoing education and support

Transformative Justice in Education Center

  • Provide opportunities for organizational and professional development
  • Provide a theoretical framework to our DEI Work: 5 Pedagogical Stances—History Matters, Race Matters, Justice Matters, Language Matters, Futures Matter (Winn, Maisha T. and Lawrence Winn, 2020)

Audit Management Advisory Services

  • Campus DEI Scan: the current status of DEI's strategic goals and application to departments and units on campus
  • Interviews, Documentation: Assess status of goals at campus departments and units; determine status and performance of departments and units
  • Monitoring tools and procedures: Consolidate results and ensure ongoing monitoring; organize ongoing monitoring tools and procedure

UC Davis Health - Inclusion, Diversty, Anti-Racism, and Equity Taskforces Initiative (iDARE) initiative

  • Working collaboratively and in parallel to support DEI action planning
  • Development of resources