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Affirm the right of freedom of expression

Listed below are select official University of California and University of California, Davis policies that operationalize the tenets of the Principles of Community. In addition to the policies cited below, the UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct, in some cases, also support the aspirational goals of our Principles of Community. 

The policies listed below are not exhaustive and subject to revision by university officials

If you believe you have witnessed or experienced hate, bias, harassment and/or discrimination, please visit the resources below for additional information:

Student Faculty Staff
102.13 APM-010 PPM 400 §01
102.14 APM-015A §2C  
102.15 PPM 400 §01  
PPM 400 §01    

UC Davis administrative policies and procedures that are relevant to all UC Davis units, including UC Davis Health and other off-site locations as well as personnel policies for staff members can be accessed at