CAMPSSAH Faculty Scholar Nomination

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We are pleased to announce that the Center for the Advancement of Multicultural Perspectives on Social Science, Arts and Humanities (CAMPSSAH) is accepting nominations for the 2020-2021 cohort of Faculty Scholars.

CAMPSSAH builds on the Impact Recruitment Initiative (IRI), whose origins are in calls for greater numbers of faculty whose teaching, research and service focused the experiences, contributions and aspirations of African-American and African Diaspora students and communities. CAMPSSAH represents the successful institutionalization and broadening of IRI to encompass the recruiting, integration, and retention of whose research, reaching, scholarly and creative production bring multicultural perspectives to the social sciences, humanities and the arts with an emphasis on contributions that addresses the voices and visibility of underrepresented students and communities at UC Davis. CAMPSSAH also provides a space for these faculty to strengthen and enhance their engagement with underserved communities through their research and service, within and beyond the campus of UC Davis. 

To nominate a UC Davis faculty member to be a CAMPSSAH Scholar, To nominate the candidates, Department Chairs and Deans must submit a Faculty Scholar nomination package to the CAMPSSAH Review Committee. The nomination materials are accepted in a rolling basis, with a deadline for the 2020-21 cohort of JUNE 1, 2020. Please send the requested materials below to:

Faculty Director, Kimberly Nettles-Barcelón and copy to Thomas O’Donnell

  1. This CAMPSSAH Faculty Scholars Nomination Form
  2. The faculty candidate’s dossier:
    1. Curriculum vitae
    2. Cover letter
    3. Contributions to Diversity statement
    4. Statement of research
    5. Statement of teaching
    6. References
  3. A letter summarizing any additional salient professional experiences
  4. The faculty position announcement

In addition to a strong record of research and teaching excellence, successful nominees will also have an accomplished track record (calibrated to their career stage) of teaching, research or service activities addressing the needs of underrepresented students or communities in social science, arts, or humanities.

Successful candidates will have a clearly articulated vision of how their work at UC Davis will continue to contribute to the University’s mission of serving the needs of our diverse state and student population and an understanding of the barriers preventing full participation of underrepresented minorities in higher education.

Applicants’ track record of engagement and activity related to diversity, equal opportunity, and inclusion as well as their plans for future engagement will be a significant part of the overall evaluation of the candidate’s qualifications for a CAMPSSAH faculty scholar award. The contributions of nominees to diversity will be evaluated using the review criteria consistent with the University of California Academic Advancement Criteria (APM 210-1-d).

 Department Chairs, in consultation with Deans, may nominate candidates that have been selected to interview for a UC Davis social science, arts, or humanities Academic Senate faculty position within the current recruitment cycle/academic year if they meet one or more of the review criteria.

The materials for promising candidates will be forwarded by the CAMPSSAH Review Committee to the Vice Provost-Academic Affairs, who will make the final selection of CAMPSSAH Scholars.