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DEI Resources for Faculty and Staff

DEI Resources for Faculty and Staff

DEI Education and Training Program (OCCR)

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Education Program housed under the Office of Campus Community Relations offers various educational opportunities (classes, training, workshops, consultations) on fostering an inclusive and respectful environment that honors our diverse campus community and operationalizes the UC Davis Principles of Community. 

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Other DEI Resources at UC Davis

UC Davis Center For Educational Effectiveness (CEE)

Guided by the mission To promote and support effective learning for all UCD students. The Center for Educational Effectiveness offers consultations, workshops and teaching assessment.

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Just-in-Time Teaching (JITT) is a CEE Program that offers resources for instructors to use in their classrooms, encompassing these five dimensions of teaching practice and topics:

  • Creating an Engaging & Inclusive Environment
  • Designing & Organizing the Course
  • Planning Instruction & Learning ActivitiesAssessing Student Learning
  • Reflecting on Teaching Effectiveness

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Disability Management Services (DMS)

Disability Management Services (DMS) helps employees and their supervisors/managers explore possible reasonable accommodations that allow employees to continue performing their essential job functions.

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Faculty and Staff Committees

Faculty and Staff can bring their ideas and talents to one of the important committees on campus charged with promoting diversity including:


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