Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) Resources

Update Your Lived Name and Gender Marker

Campus Resources

Trans Student Rights Toolkit (PDF and webpage): the purpose of this toolkit is to provide transgender and nonbinary students with supportive information and resources—especially when it comes to their rights and well-being.

Best Practices for Supporting Transgender and Nonbinary Communities: (PDF) The purpose of this toolkit is to provide the UC Davis community with best practices—as well as specific best practices for managers and supervisors, faculty, instructors and teaching assistants—for creating supportive, trans-inclusive environments across campus.

HR Resources for Trans and Non-binary Employees: Information for your health and welfare as an employee, how to connect with employee resource groups and community resources. Includes a section for supervisors.

HR Information for Supervisors: FAQs, Educational Resources, and Policy References to help guide supervisors in creating an inclusive environment for trans and non-binary employees.

Gender Recognition Lived Name Glossary

Education and Workshops

LGBTQIA+ Resource Center: Connect with the center for resources and events that build community, talk to a trans advocate for confidential support, join educational workshops, check out the Trans 101 guide for allies, and more!

Confidential Resources and Support

If you have experienced an act of hate, bias, discrimination or harassment and would like to speak with a confidential resource, conversations with staff in these units are not considered official reports. You can speak openly without giving up any control over your situation. These units will not report your concerns to anyone else, and they will not take action toward resolving your concerns without your consent.

To file an official report, please contact HDAPP 


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