LaToya Ruby Frazier calls for a new ‘photo league’ to draw attention to injustices 

This article originally appeared on the UC Davis Arts Blog by Michelle Villagomez

In a remote event hosted recently by the Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art and other sponsors, photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier — whose work features voices and perspectives traditionally erased from the American narrative  told her audience about the New York Photo League, who through their art, exposed the struggles of the American working class. She issued a call for action, too.

“I call right now, in this meeting, in this Zoom call, for a photo league,” she said, appearing to lock eyes with each of the more than 220 remote attendees. “We need a rise of a new age of a photo league.” She intimated that a 21st-century photo league would document the contemporary reality of daily life and help make the “invisible visible.”

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