DACA and UnDACAmented Dreamers:

For years, your hopes and dreams have inspired us. Your courage to tell your story and risk expulsion from your home and separation from your family changed minds and hearts. You started a movement that reimagined borders of belonging and citizenship. You defied easy lines of right and wrong. Your truth made us a better nation.

We know that DACA’s end feels heavy. We feel your exhaustion. We share your pain.  We are also outraged.

In the United States, you are over 800,000 strong.  In California, you are over 200,000 strong. You also have millions who are family, friends, and allies in this struggle. We do not walk in your shoes but we walk with you. At UC Davis, you strengthen our collective minds and hearts.  You contribute to our academic vigor and help us to stay true to our commitment to California’s communities.

We believe the right course of action is to recognize you formally under law as rightful citizens of this great nation. The right course of action cannot be a compromise law that separates you from your family. It cannot not be a law that perpetuates dangerous lies about immigrants. Immigrants contribute greatly to this great nation.

We commend California’s leadership in enacting AB540 a decade prior to DACA. AB540 created a path for California undocumented students to attend college and pay in-state tuition. California led in 2011, a year prior to DACA, to make state financial aid available to AB540-eligible undocumented students.  DACA’s end does not erase these laws. We call on other states to follow California’s lead to ensure that DACA’s end does not foreclose the door to these young dreamers to pursue a college education.  

At UC Davis, the AB540 & Undocumented Student Center became the first of its kind in the nation to proudly serve the needs of our undocumented students and their families. The Center and all of UC Davis remains committed to the well-being of all UC Davis Dreamers. We reaffirm to you our Statement of Principles in Support of Undocumented Members of the UC Community.  We want you to continue to pursue your dreams on our campus and to feel safe and supported by our community.

We remind the millions of allies that you can do something. The Aggie Dream Fund provides financial support for undocumented or AB540 undergraduate or graduate students to help them achieve their degrees. 

We are fully aware that DACA’s rescission has implications for our workforce. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to be a productive member of their community, and we will continue to advocate for permanent solutions that protect our employees. The Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) is available to offer as much support as possible in these difficult times.

Dreamers, today remember this: No one can take your education from you. Keep working hard. Your presence makes us a better university.

In Solidarity,

Adela de la Torre, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs and Campus Diversity
Raquel Aldana, Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Diversity, Campus Diversity
Laura Cerruti, Analyst, Campus Diversity
Wendi Delmendo, Chief Compliance Officer, Chancellor and Provost Office
Brittany Derieg, Assistant Director, Student Affairs and Campus Diversity
Karmen R. Fittes, Executive Director, Talent Strategies & Total Rewards, Human Resources
Philip H. Kass, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Milt Lang, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Life, Campus Community and Retention Services
Sheila O’Rourke, Senior Campus Counsel, Office of the Campus Counsel
Emily Prieto-Tseregounis, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff, Student Affairs and Campus Diversity
Rahim Reed, Associate Executive Vice Chancellor, Campus Community Relations
Shondella Reed, Campus Counsel, Office of the Campus Counsel
Rich Shintaku, Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Campus Diversity
Kellie Sims Butler, Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies
Hendry Ton, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion, Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Diversity