Project Queen Book Cover

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UC Davis Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) Ballrooms
Project Queen Book Cover

⭐️ Presented by Denisha "Coco" Blossom

⭐️ In partnership with Aggie Black Excellence, part of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Please join us on a book talk featuring "The Makings of a Project Queen" by Denisha "Coco" Blossom!

In her debut poetic memoir, “The Makings of a Project Queen,” Blossom relives a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and healing as she shines a light on key issues impacting inner-city Black girls today. She uses a collection of poems and short behind-the-scenes stories to take others on an inspirational journey of a hood scholar who forged her own path as a community-based educator and scholar-activist. Through the book, she emerges as a Project Queen.
Growing up in South Sacramento, Denisha “Coco” Blossom had to navigate gang territories, drugs, poverty, hustle, and power plays. She survived immense heartbreak, broken relationships, body shaming, and hopelessness. At a young age, she internalized the notion that, as an impoverished fat Black girl, her choices in life were limited. Despite these adversities, through engagement with poetry, education, street literacy, and faith, she exceeded all of the low expectations – especially those that came from her teachers. Instead of succumbing to her circumstances, she grew into a Queen. She lifted her head, reclaimed her crown, and became the author of her own life.

The makings of a Project Queen is a powerful story that will encourage women and girls everywhere to fix their crown, walk-in their queendom, and embark on their own journey to self-discovery and fulfilling their greatest life purpose.


This book talk will be featured during the Aggie Black Excellence project segment during Yolo Juneteenth.

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