Staff Diversity Administrative Advisory Committee (SDAAC)

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SDAAC Charge

SDAAC is charged with advising the Chancellor via the Associate Executive Vice Chancellor for Campus Community Relations regarding the campus Comprehensive Diversity Action Plan on matters related to staff. The committee reviews:

  • Staff related affirmative action programs and recommends activities;
  • Recommends Diversity Education and Training programs;
  • Advises the campus senior administration regarding general employment related policy issues; and
  • Participates in the planning and offering of campus programs to promote diversity and inclusion.

Membership Application or Appointment

At large and student members apply on-line through the Administrative Advisory Committee Website ( The AEVC for the Office of Campus Community Relations reviews applications and selects committee members to serve for a two year term.

Constituent Groups hold a standing membership on SDAAC and each constituency group shall nominate their current chairs or members to represent their organization on SDAAC. No more than two representatives per group are permitted to participate and only one member per group can vote.


Nominations for the Chair will be held every two years in the spring, taking office in July.  Nominations for the Vice Chair will be held once a year in the spring, taking office in July.

Nominations for the Vice Chair will be held annually during the last meeting of the year in June, taking office in July.  If there are to be any vacancies in the Vice Chair, Chair, or Past Chair position for the next year, elections for that position will be held at year’s end.

The Vice Chair will serve a one year term, and then automatically move to the Chair position for the next year and, to the Past Chair position for the next year.

A nomination can be submitted by a SDAAC member in good standing or by self-nomination.  Only voting members are eligible to hold office.  Nominees are required to submit a letter of intent (to include qualifications, a statement about why they want to run for the office and, what they hope to accomplish if selected.) to the Chair. All voting members will receive a voting packet outlining the candidate's qualifications and platform along with the ballot procedure information.

Committee Membership Guidelines

  • Chair and Vice Chair (elected by members)
  • Committee Secretary (elected by members)
  • Committee Communications Char (elected by members)
  • Up to Seven Members At-Large (Staff)
  • Up to five Students (undergraduate, graduate and professional)
  • Current Chairs, or representatives, of the following Constituent Groups or Organizations: 
    • Latino Staff and Faculty Association (LSFA)
    • African American Faculty and Staff Association (AAFSA)
    • Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance (APASA)
    • Native American Faculty and Staff Association (NAFSA)
    • Chancellor's Committee on Lesbian, Gay Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Issues (CCLGBTQIA)
    • Disabilities Issues Administrative Advisory Committee (DIAAC)
    • Staff Assembly
    • Administrative Management Delegate (ADMAN)
    • Veteran Constituent Group (VCG)
  • Ex-officio Members (non-voting members)
    • Office of Campus Community Relations (Committee Coordinator)
    • Associate Executive Vice Chancellor of Campus Community Relations
    • Cross Cultural Center
    • Human Resources
    • Harassment & Discrimination Assistance & Prevention Program (HDAPP)
    • Students

Additional members may be considered to provide a perspective not represented by the current membership.

2019 - 20 Meeting Dates: The committee meets on the third Thursday of every other month. 

 Membership Guidelines

  • Members are encouraged to serve on one of the sub/ad-hoc committees
  • Members are encouraged to attend on a regular basis; members who are consistently absent may be considered uninterested and removed. 

Standing Subcommittees

Standing subcommittees shall be formed at the discretion of the Chair and/or OCCR for specific ongoing purposes. A subcommittee chair will be designated on formation of committee. Subcommittee chairs will be responsible to report back to SDAAC on their activities. Examples of subcommittees:

  • Affirmative Action
  • Communications
  • Recruitment & Hiring Practices
  • Training & Development
  • Special Events & Activities    
    • Soaring To New Heights
    • Diversity and Principles of Community Achievement Awards

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Shall be formed at the discretion of the Chair to address current issues or short term projects; a committee chair will be designated on formation of committee
  • Committee chair(s) will be responsible for providing committee updates to SDAAC

Chairperson Responsibilities

  • serves a one-year term
  • serves as the official committee spokesperson
  • chairs monthly and special meetings as called
  • plans monthly agendas in coordination with committee members and staff, and takes meeting notes (note taking occurs on a rotating basis with members)
  • serves as a representative on the Campus Council on Community and Diversity or appoints a designate if they are unable to attend
  • ensures appointment and effectiveness of standing and ad-hoc committees
  • responsible for receiving official communication and directing communication to the campus community
  • coordinates and writes the SDAAC Annual Report for submission to the Associate Executive Vice Chancellor, Campus Community Relations
  • provides regular updates and consultation to Associate Executive Vice Chancellor, Campus Community Relations
  • chair Soaring to New Heights (Fall-Spring) or assign delegate
  • chair Training and Develop Subcommittee (Report in Fall)
  • chair Education and Communication Subcommittee (Report in Fall) or assign delegate

Vice Chairperson Responsibilities

  • serves one year term
  • review and monitor membership participation according to guidelines and coordinate the filling of vacancies
  • assist Chair in the coordination of ad-hoc committees
  • review policy drafts from Chairperson and distribute to appropriate subcommittees for review and action
  • act in the absence of the Chair
  • chair New Staff Welcome
  • chair the Soaring to New Heights Award Selection Subcommittee (Winter–Spring) or delegate assigned by the chair

Past Chair Responsibilities

  • Serves one year term
  • Chair Affirmative Action Subcommittee (Report in Spring) or delegate assigned by the Chair
  • Chair the Recruitment and Hiring Practices Subcommittee (Report in Winter) or delegate assigned by the Chair

Annual SDAAC Activities

Diversity & Principles of Community Achievement Recognition Awards
Principles of Community Week (2019)
Soaring to New Heights