New CAMPSSAH Faculty Director: Professor Maxine Craig

Professor Maxine Craig, Ph.D. was recently appointed as new faculty director of the Center for the Advancement of Multicultural Perspectives on Social Science, Arts, and Humanities (CAMPSSAH). Craig is a professor in the sociology department and since 2020 has served that department as vice chair and director of the graduate program. Craig will take charge of a thriving and growing center on February 1, 2024  that now includes 24 Faculty Scholars from four colleges and schools and 12 departments across UC Davis.

Promotive and Inhibitive Outcomes Among Black Girls in California Schools

Black girls are often disproportionately discIplined and underexposed to academic opportunities (e.g., gifted education) that support thelr hollstic well-belng. Using the CIvil RIghts Data Collection, we examine proportionality and disproportionality in promotive and inhlbitive outcomes among Black girls in schools and districts throughout Callfornla.

CAMPSSAH Research Colloquiums

The Center for the Advancement of Multicultural Perspectives on Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities is pleased to host the CAMPSSAH Research Colloquiums. These talks showcase the newest research done by CAMPSSAH Faculty Scholars and aims to build a community of diverse perspectives and identities at UC Davis. 

There are currently 24 CAMPSSAH Faculty Scholars at UC Davis, with appointments spanning 15 departments in 5 colleges and schools.