Campus Council on Community and Diversity

The Campus Council on Community and Diversity (CCC&D), is an advisory body to the Chancellor and the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor. The overarching responsibility for the Council is to provide both campus leaders and the campus community with advice concerning ways to strengthen and maintain the bonds of community at UC Davis.

In particular, the charge includes providing advice on:

  • Actions required to ensure that our students, faculty, staff and administration better reflect the richness of California's ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Strategies to ensure that the environment of UC Davis is welcoming and inclusive of the cultural differences and knowledge bases of all Californians and, indeed, of all people of the world


  • To develop a strategic plan for diversity and community for the campus
  • To assure that recruitment and selection processes of faculty and staff develop strategies for increasing and sustaining the diversity of our campus community
  • To create opportunities for fostering and maintaining community (Amplifying Community Project) within the Deans/Vice Chancellors' units
  • To develop strategies for increasing the pipeline of undergraduates who proceed to graduate school and then on to faculty positions
  • To increase the communication from the Council out to the campus at large