CAMPOS Faculty Scholars Nomination

We are pleased to announce that the Center for the Advancement of Multicultural Perspectives on Science (CAMPOS) is accepting nominations for the 2020-2021 cohort of Faculty Scholars. 

CAMPOS began in 2012 as one of six initiatives of UC Davis ADVANCE, a National Science Foundation Institutional Transformation grant with the goal to increase the participation and advancement of women in academic science and engineering careers. UC Davis matched NSF funds with an investment of over $3 million for incentive monies to support the hiring and development of faculty in STEM disciplines. CAMPOS faculty are characterized by research excellence and a commitment to transforming STEM education at UC Davis and contributing service to help address the problems of gender inequity in science and engineering.

In response to NSF priorities, CAMPOS initially focused on advancing the recruitment, hiring, and success of UC Davis faculty with exceptional contributions to STEM research, teaching and service whose presence at UC Davis would help address issues affecting the underrepresentation of Latinas in STEM. Over time, the mission of CAMPOS grew to include STEM faculty whose research, teaching and service address the needs of all communities currently underrepresented in STEM disciplines. 


Department Chairs, in consultation with Deans, may nominate candidates that have been interviewed and offered a position for a UC Davis STEM Academic Senate faculty position (that is at least a 50% tenure-track/ladder-rank position) within the current recruitment cycle/academic year, if they meet one or more of the review criteria listed in the next page. The nomination materials are accepted in a rolling basis, with a deadline for the 2020-21 cohort of June 1, 2020. The CAMPOS Review Committee considers the submitted files and forwards a list of nominations to the Vice Provost-Academic Affairs, who will make the final selection. The 2020-21 CAMPOS Scholars will be announced in early June and formally inducted in fall 2020.

In addition to exceptional records of research and teaching excellence, successful nominees will also have demonstrated commitment and an accomplished track record (calibrated to their career stage) of teaching, research or service activities addressing the needs of underrepresented students or communities in STEM.

Successful candidates will have a clearly articulated vision of how their work at UC Davis will continue to contribute to the University’s mission of serving the needs of our diverse student population that closely reflects the state of California and an understanding of the barriers preventing full participation of underrepresented minorities in higher education.

Applicants’ track record of engagement and activity related to diversity, equal opportunity, and inclusion as well as their plans for future engagement will be a significant part of the overall evaluation of the candidate’s qualifications for a CAMPOS faculty scholar award.

The contributions of nominees to diversity will be evaluated using the review criteria consistent with the University of California Academic Advancement Criteria (APM 210-1-d) and are listed below.

To nominate the candidates, Department Chairs and Deans must submit a Faculty Scholar nomination package to the CAMPOS Review Committee care of Tom O'Donnell (

  1. The CAMPOS Faculty Scholars Nomination Form
  2. The faculty position announcement 
  3. A single PDF of the faculty candidate’s complete dossier including CV, research statement, teaching statement, list of publications, contributions to diversity statement, and references
  4. A nomination letter from the department chair, or from the chair of the hiring committee co-signed by the department chair, summarizing any additional salient professional experiences

What does a CAMPOS Faculty Scholar receive?

  1. Partial salary off-set to hiring deans
  2. A $6,000 contribution for a summer GSR and available travel awards
  3. Faculty Scholars are also encouraged to participate in the NCFDD Faculty Success Program.
  4. Professional development opportunities (e.g. Leadership Institutes, grant-writing workshops, speaking invitations, one-on-one mentoring, etc.) through the CAMPOS community
  5. LAUNCH Committee structured mentoring. LAUNCH Committees support the early professional integration and development of CAMPOS Faculty Scholars as they begin their careers at UC Davis. The committees typically meet once per quarter in person or by teleconference.
    • LAUNCH committees include:
      1. A senior faculty member in the new faculty member’s department with related research interests
      2. Department Chair
      3. Senior faculty member from outside the department, in a field related to that of the CAMPOS Faculty Scholar

Networking Opportunities to meet other STEM Scholars at the CAMPOS research symposia and other scheduled activities throughout the year such as the CAMPOS Induction Ceremony in fall and the annual ADVANCE Scholar Award Symposium in spring.