“Professors Leveraging A Community of Engagement (PLACE) with CAMPSSAH”

is a University of California Office of the President 2020-2022 Advancing Faculty Diversity through Improved Climate and Retention grant under the direction of Kimberly Nettles-Barcelón.

The goal of PLACE is to promote the development and retention of faculty by providing resources and programs in three areas: community, leadership, and recognition.

PLACE is an interdisciplinary hub for research activities for faculty of color, URM faculty and those faculty whose work forms the foundation of inclusive excellence at UC Davis. 

At its core, PLACE will consist of writing communities in various forms led by the Principal Investigator (Nettles-Barcelón) and in collaboration with outside experts. These writing communities for selected CAMPSSAH Scholars and Faculty Affiliates, will meet for two quarters during the academic year and for a week-long off-campus writing retreats. They are opportunities to engage across disciplinary boundaries and ranks to create a “third space” of engagement among the participants.

The grant will also enhance resources for faculty participants at various junctures in their career trajectory with manuscript workshops, post-tenure start-up funds, and supplemental conference travel grants for childcare expenses.

You can learn more about each component of the grant below.