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The UndocuAlly Program for Educators (UPE) is an educational learning opportunity for educators and community members to develop their knowledge and awareness in serving undocumented student populations in higher education. 

The UndocuAlly Program for Educators (UPE) is open to UC Davis faculty, staff, and graduate/professional students. Each UPE is a three-hour session including five different focus areas presented by our facilitators. We strongly encourage full attendance at the session you register for as information discussed will capitalize on each focus area.

Each UPE is a comprehensive 3-hour long session that includes four different areas of focus presented by our facilitators: Legal Landscape, Current Context and Statistics, Mental Health and Student Narratives. Each section offers in-depth information, thus we require registered participants to plan ahead for full attendance. 

A diverse representation from the university department and units enriches discussion and can provide opportunities for critical inquiry and enlightened dialogue. Make sure to invite your campus colleagues!

Please follow this link to register.  

For Questions, contact: Carmen Valdivia,
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