How to request a speaking engagement

How to request that Vice Chancellor Tull speak at your event. 

VC Tull is in significant demand as a media contact, social media spokesperson, and speaker, in part because with every invitation she takes significant care to understand and meet the needs of the audiences—your audience.

The earlier that you send queries, invitations, relevant information, questions and talking points and/or scripts to the Office of the Vice Chancellor, the better for all! By providing a clear picture of your needs, you will facilitate the preparation process and help VC Tull participate in the way that best serves your goals.

For all invitations, please complete a speaker request form thoughtfully with all relevant items. Additional guidelines may follow. 

Requested timeline 

Preferred formats 

  • Keynote/Interview (longer than 15 minutes) - Rather than standing at a podium delivering prepared remarks, VC Tull feels that one of the most engaging formats for a keynote presentation is an interview style or “moderated chat” where a moderator asks her questions. The format reduces formality, increases comfort, leads into dialogue and Q/A with the audience, and gives an emerging leader the opportunity to share the space and build public speaking skills. In fact, that’s how VC Tull broke into being a public speaker herself! 

  • Formal Remarks (10 minutes or fewer) - If formal remarks are preferred, VC Tull is happy to give 5 to 10 minutes on a prearranged topic and then, if desired, taking questions from the audience.  

  • Panel (any length) - For any panel discussion, VC Tull requests that you provide the names and affiliations of the panelists, brief bios, and an introduction via email so that she can introduce herself informally before the event takes place. 

  • Stakeholder Meeting / Event Appearance - The Vice Chancellor can also make scripted formal remarks (no more than 5-10 minutes) on appropriate occasions or merely appear at an event and participate informally. 

In all cases, please provide some guidance regarding the following: 

  • In all cases, please provide some guidance on the topics you would like to be covered. Be as specific and focused in your request as possible. What are your top 2-3 (or 1!) priorities? 

  • Please describe the size and type of audience, as well as issues of special interest to the group.  

  • Please also provide snapshot of the entire program including the names and affiliations any other speakers. This helps VC Tull to situate her presentation in the broader context to complement the approach or topics of other speakers.  

  • If you anticipate that any key stakeholders will be in attendance or speaking, we appreciate the inclusion of stakeholder bios or links to stakeholder websites.  

  • One very good way to prepare the Vice Chancellor is to provide her with rough or polished talking points or run-of-show script, which our office will review and possibly modify.  

  • If the Vice Chancellor is to act as a master of ceremonies or presenter for an awards, appreciation, or celebratory event, we require that you provide her a draft script/run-of-show for review and possible modification.  


Per University of California Policy, VC Tull is not able to accept any form of honorarium. Instead, she encourages organizations to make contributions to our DEI philanthropies.   

Travel (non-UC Davis events only) 

For most of her appearances off the UC Davis campus, VC Tull requests that organizations cover hotel, travel, meals, and ground transportation directly related directly to the speaking event. Before making any travel arrangements, please confer with the Vice Chancellor as she may be trying to coordinate with other trips. 

Contact Information 

Germaine Kennix 
Executive Analyst to the Vice Chancellor 
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
University of California, Davis