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Aldana and Oropeza Appointed to UCOP Chicano/Latino Advisory Council

Raquel Aldana, associate vice chancellor for academic diversity, and Lorena Oropeza, associate professor of history, have been appointed to serve as campus representatives on the newly established UC President’s Chicano/Latino Advisory Council.

The council will advise President Janet Napolitano and Provost Michael T. Brown on:

  • Improving leadership pathways for Chicano/Latino faculty, administrators and students
  • Advancing the preparation, access, recruitment and retention of Chicano/Latino students
  • Bolstering UC efforts to diversify faculty and staff
  • Cultivating opportunities for the university to engage with the broader Chicano/Latino community

The council will also serve as a consultative body to state and national education leaders and community stakeholders on issues, policies and practices affecting the advancement of Chicano/Latino students, staff and faculty.