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Sacramento Regional K-16 Collaborative

Sacramento K-16 Collaborative to Strengthen Education and Career Pathways Across California's Capital Region with $18.1 Million Grant


DEI is thrilled to share that the new website for the Sacramento K-16 Collaborative is now live and featured in a special edition of ProjectAttain’s newsletter, The Finish Line!


These two communication milestones signal an exciting season of progress in the K-16 Collaborative. We invite you to read both and celebrate the strides we are making towards collective action and systemic change in educational opportunities and outcomes for our region’s priority student populations.

We are very proud that nearly all of the pictures on the website come from our Collaborative partners, featuring real students and real employers from the greater Sacramento region. We look forward to adding more K-12 images from local partners in the future. Other planned additions include a staff information page and a space for news and guest blogs.

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About the Sacramento K-16 Collaborative

Sacramento K-16 Collaborative, a bold new regional education initiative launched in 2022 as part of the California Regional K-16 Education Collaboratives Grant Program.

The Collaborative is committed to advancing educational equity and workforce opportunities by strengthening college and career pathways across California’s Capital Region through an eight-county partnership between K-12 school districts, higher education institutions, and employers.

About ProjectAttain!

ProjectAttain! serves as the Collaborative’s hub and backbone organization, coordinating the important work of nurturing students, communities, and careers. We are providing the framework for collaboration and the buy-in necessary for long-term, sustainable progress across the education-to-employment ecosystem. This work is made possible because of an $18.1 million award from the California Regional K-16 Collaboratives Grant Program that provides the resources needed to align the region’s partners and stakeholders like never before.

Ultimately, the work will lead to streamlining equitable pathways from high school to postsecondary education and into the workforce. While this work is just getting underway, ProjectAttain! will continue to be a source of progress, report our milestone achievements, and keep you informed of news and updates as they


"A skilled workforce is key to continuing California’s hallmark economy, however the current rate of educational attainment in California is not sufficient in meeting the growing workforce needs. It is essential to develop equitable opportunities for all Californians to secure high-quality jobs that drive a thriving economy. We need to establish streamlined education and training pathways to prepare our residents for high demand jobs.”
—Regional K-16 Education Collaborative Grant Program

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