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Student Community Center, Multipurpose Room

Breakfast Panel: “Finding Voice, Giving Voice: Tools to Advocate for Ourselves and Others”

Dr. Lynn Conway joins for a breakfast round table panel discussion on learning how to find your voice to tell your story and advocate for yourself and others.

8:30am –9:30am Student Community Center, Multi-Purpose Room


Seminar: “An Invisible Woman: The Inside Story Behind the Microelectronic Computing Revolution in Silicon Valley

In 2015, US CTO Megan Smith raised profound questions about women’s contributions in science, engineering and math being erased from history. In this talk we explore a case study of such erasure and surface a very counter-intuitive conjecture about the underlying causes and effects (i.e., the “Conway Effect”).

10:00am—11:30am, Student Community Center Multi-Purpose Room


Dr. Lynn Conway Professor of EECS Emerita, University of Michigan International renowned high-tech innovator, paradigm shifter & LGBTQ advocate Biography |IEEE Computer Report

Motto: “If you want to change the future, start living as if you’re already there”