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Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art

⭐️ Presented by Professors Shiva Ahmadi and Talinn Grigor

On Friday, April 12, artist and professor Shiva Ahmadi and art historian and professor Talinn Grigor will lead a conversation on Ahmadi’s exhibition Strands of Resilience. Join faculty and university colleagues for this small group conversation with an opportunity for further discussion over light refreshments. Space is limited so RSVP by Monday, April 8. To register, email



More about the exhibit
Shiva Ahmadi: Strands of Resilience 

Shiva Ahmadi uses painting as a form of storytelling, combining luminous colors and mystical beings with violent imagery to draw attention to global issues of migration, war and brutality against marginalized peoples. Focusing on the female figure, this exhibition of all new paintings — Ahmadi’s first midcareer solo museum exhibition on the West Coast — continues her exploration of alternate worlds where women have agency beyond the binary of the beautiful victim or ugly villain. Through her experimentation with the medium of watercolor, Ahmadi probes what lies hidden beneath the surface of the stories we are told, from ancient myths and childhood memories to the current news cycle. In a recent story by Jeffrey Day, Ahmadi said “I am a political person … I don’t want to be, but as an Iranian, an immigrant and a woman, you have to keep up with politics. I don’t want to make beautiful art that’s for decoration. I haven’t had the opportunity in my life to be concerned with beauty of formal elements.” Read more

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