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Disability Awareness Symposium and Accessibility Technology Fair

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Save the dates! October is Disability Awareness Month and 2020 is the thirtieth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This year, The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, in partnership with the Disability Issues Administrative Awareness Committee (DIAAC) is hosting its annual symposium in the virtual world. Starting October 1, tune in for vendor presentations weekly and on October 7 for a special Environmental Intolerances Awareness webinar.

Schedule of Events

October 1 | 12:00PM

Otter Demonstration

Otter Voice Meeting Notes is a note-taking and collaboration app that records, transcribes, and shares meeting notes and conversations live, with the help of AI. It generates smart notes that sync audio, text, and images, and lets you search, play, edit, highlight, and share notes from any device. Ideal for meetings, lectures, distance learning, interviews, and events.

Watch the Recorded Presentation

October 7 | 12:00PM
Successful Treatment of Chemical & Electrical Sensitivity 

Find more information here.


October 14 | 12:30PM

Apple, Inc. Demonstration

Accessibility features of Apple Platforms. We find that most users do not know the full extent of the accessible options on our products. This will be a session to find out more useful ways to use your Apple devices.


October 21 | 12:00PM

SensusAccess Demonstration

Provision of accessible and alternate formats have always been cumbersome, expensive and difficult. For students that are now facing online learning only with limited options to engage with personal, professional assistance, it is even more important to be self-sufficient. We will present how to empower students to be more self-sufficient by using SensusAccess!


October 21 | 12:30PM

Note Taking Express demonstration

More information coming soon.