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(Detail) Gina Aparicio,Ipan Nepantla Teotlaitlania Cachi Cualli Maztlacayotl, 2014, mixed media installation. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Gina Aparicio.

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Manetti Shrem Museum

The Feminist Research Institute co-sponsers a panel discussion in conjunction with the Xicanx Futurity Exhibit at the Manetti Shrem museum.

Intersectional Feminism in Museums: Panel Discussion

This discussion explores recent exhibitions and museum approaches that challenge mythologies about sexuality, gender, race and power. How are museums responding in light of #MeToo, LGBTQI advocacy, Black and Brown Lives Matter, and other activist movements (e.g. ongoing at the Whitney Museum; and Brooklyn Museum in 2016)? Museum leaders address the aims and challenges in confronting societal inequities in diverse cultural contexts.

Please visit the FRI webpage for more information.