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UC Davis School of Law, Kalmanowitz Appellate Courtroom

Pushing Back Against the Odds: A Documentary • Keynote • Panel • Poetry

Filmed over more than 25 years, THE PUSHOUTS weaves Rios’s inspiring dropout-to-professor narrative with stories of YO!Watts, a youth center serving 16-24 year-olds who are out of school and out of work. A then-and-now story of unusual intimacy and depth, THE PUSHOUTS trades narratives of tragedy and victimization for true stories of grit and resilience, highlighting the vast potential of young people to thrive when given access to meaningful opportunities and connections to adults who care.


10:00am Introductions
11:15am Victor Rios • Keynote and Audience Discussion
12:00pm Break (Panel Discussion will commence during lunch break)
12:30pm Panel Discussion
1:30pm Reception • SAYS Poetry reading

Lunch and refreshments will be served, please RSVP

Panelists include:
Neptaly Taty Aguilera, Co-Chair, Cesar Chavez Youth Leadership Conference (CCYLC) and Board member, Chicanx Latinx Alumni Association (CLAA)
Ofelia Ortiz Cuevas, Panelist and Moderator, Assistant Professor Chicana/o Studies
Michael Lynch, Co-Founder/CEO at Improve Your Tomorrow (IYT)

Daniel Mendoza-Jacobo, Co-founder Beyond the Stats, Family and Friends Foundation
Michael Singh, Assistant Professor Chicana/o Studies

Read and see more about the documentary at

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We are grateful for our co-sponsors:

The Aoki Center for Critical Race and Nation Studies at King Hall

UC Davis School of Education

Beyond the Stats

Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS)

Improve Your Tomorrow (IYT)