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From Self-Care to Soul-Care: Mindfulness and Soulfulness for Educators and Academics a virtual workshop 

Join us for a workshop focusing on a soulfulness-oriented approach to incorporating mindfulness and meditation.

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This workshop introduces Dr. Shelly Harrell’s “soulfulness” approach to contemplative practice with special attention to supporting educators and academics. In this time of both racial and the COVID-19 pandemics, it is vital for us to attend to the insidious and collective nature of pandemic-related stress that is “in the air we breathe” (both literally and metaphorically). Beyond physical health and safety, these pandemics threaten connection with others, as well as connection to ourselves. Strategies to minimize disconnection and facilitate reconnection will be offered. The focus will be on the value of mindfulness meditation to enhance psychological well-being, to move “from stressed out to energized within,” as a way of cultivating an inner refuge, and path to mental and emotional liberation as foundations for meaningful participation in actions toward social justice. 

Soulfulness reflects the synergistic integration of the psychological, spiritual, and cultural dimensions of “soul” to facilitate inner aliveness and authentic relationship to self, others, and the world. Soulfulness emphasizes reconnection with our humanity; sensing the stirrings and callings of soul; listening to whisperings of soul wisdom; and being deeply touched, “moved”, and inspired through soul-level experiencing (that includes connection to music, poetry, art, nature, culture, Spirit, and sacred/collective wisdom). Particular attention will be given to the relevance of mindfulness and soulfulness for racism-related experience among those we teach and serve, as well as our own. Workshop attendees will gain an enhanced understanding of a soulfulness-oriented approach to incorporating mindfulness and meditation as sources of support for educators and academics in the context of both the COVID-19 and racial pandemics.

Meet our Workshop Leader

Shelly P. HarrellShelly P. Harrell, Ph.D. is a psychologist whose work focuses on individual, relational, and collective well-being in the context of culture and oppression. She has been a Professor at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology for 20 years where she primarily teaches and trains clinical psychology doctoral students. Her work focuses on enhancing the well-being and resilience of BIPOC and other marginalized populations integrating contemplative, communal, and empowerment change processes. To read full bio click here.