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For Your Information | April 29, 2021

Volume 2, Issue 14

Quick Summary

  • May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month
  • May is Pride Month
  • Academic Diversity's New Associate Vice Chancellor
  • Call for Applications for 2021-22 Administrative Advisory Committees

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Dear Friends, 

Thank you for continuing to care about one another! Our website with the video immediately following the Chauvin trial, and that also includes information on racial healing circles, and letters from Student Affairs, Undergraduate Education, and Graduate Education can be found here. This week, Chancellor May also shared thoughts about the effect of the pandemic in India. The Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) office, part of Global Affairs, is available for support. 

People often ask what I am reading or watching in my “spare” time, and often, I am catching up on videos from within our community or from other universities that might assist with providing more information for our campus. Here are a few sessions and videos that I’ve watched or listened to in the past 48 hours:

Face-to-Face with Chancellor May, featuring neuroscientist and UC Davis CAMPOS Scholar Dr. Theanne Griffith,a new professor in Department of Physiology and Membrane Biology. Chancellor May and Dr. Griffith discuss the goal of making UC Davis a happy, collaborative place, books that insprire children’s creativity, science, faculty diversity, and more! Read more information, and watch the video on YouTube.

I’m happy to share a message from School of Medicine Dean Allison Brashear that “the national magazine Insight Into Diversity has placed UCDSOM on its cover in the May 2021 issue, for a story about the surge in medical school applications. Thanks to Charlene Green and Mark Henderson for speaking about our sharp increase in applicants and promoting our holistic admissions approach.” 

Digital version of the magazine

PDF download

Charlene Green, M.A., LMFT  is Administrative Director  for the Office of Student and Resident Diversity (ORSD) within the School of Medicine (part of Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and the Office of Medical Education (OME)), and Mark Henderson, M.D., is Vice Chair for Education and Associate Dean for Admissions. The article, starting on page 56 of the PDF, discusses socially-conscious and socially-accountable admissions. Dr. Henderson also shared that their article on Socially Conscious Admissions will be soon be available in the AMA Journal of Ethics, a publication of the American Medical Association. 

As we close out April, I take a minute to honor and congratulate our UC Davis colleague Dr. Blas Guerrero, Director of Strategic Diversity Recruitment and Transfer Initiatives, who is retiring from the University of California after 25 years of dedicated excellence. Dr. Guerrero is going to be the new Dean of Admissions for Samuel Merritt University. There is not enough space in this newsletter to describe how much Dr. Guerrero has done for UC Davis. He has been a champion for students’ access to college, a leader for initiatives that contribute to making UC Davis an emerging HSI and an inclusive campus overall, and a sought after resource for his expertise in strategic engagement for communities of color.  Dr. Guerrero’s upcoming new institution notes that colleagues describe him as “passionate,” “student-centered,” and as “a visionary” with creative and engaging solutions to complex and critical problems and issues. I couldn’t say it better. Blas, congratulations, thank you, and you will be missed!

Warmest Regards,

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month

In recognition of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month in May, the Campus Community Book Project, Office for Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (HEDI), UC Davis Health Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance, and other campus partners will present a series on resilience, mental health, and wellbeing for the AAPI community. The series kicks off on May 4 with a panel presentation and discussion on Ramadan within the context for healthcare—presented as a part of the HEDI Diversity & Inclusion Dialogue Series. 

Tuesday, May 4, 12:00p
“Resilience, Patience, and Focus: A Ramadan Experience”
Register here

Thursday, May 13, 12:00p
“Mental Health & Immigration in the AAPI Community”
Register here

Wednesday, May 26, 12:00p
“Health & Well-Being of Filipin-x American Nurses During COVID-19: Implications for Implementing Support.” In partnership with the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies
Register here

For more information on our May AAPI Heritage Month series, visit

May is also Pride Month

Pride month is a month of programming in May dedicated to bringing visibility, empowerment, and knowledge to our communities. This year the LGBTQIA Resource Center's theme is "Queers in Bloom!" Despite these challenging times, queers in bloom gives an opportunity to grow personally and collectively providing safe spaces to share each other's experience and allow for community healing. Throughout the Month of May, they will be holding several events meant to nurture community bonds and commit to healing together. Learn more here.

Global Affairs Launch a New Fund, the Global Aggie Award for LGBTQIA+ Rights 

Global Affairs has launched a new fund, the Global Aggie Award for LGBTQIA+ Rights, thanks to the generosity of former UC Davis Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor and former Interim Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter and his husband Manfred Kollmeier. The new Global Aggie Award for LGBTQIA+ Rights will support UC Davis students in gaining global learning experiences that advance local and global LGBTQIA+ issues and address the needs and strengths of the LGBTQIA+ community. The UC Davis Global Learning Hub in Global Affairs will manage applications for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to apply to pursue a diverse range of activities that address LGBTQIA+ well-being and rights. You can read more about the new fund here.


Office of Academic Diversity | AVC Lorena Oropeza

Our New Associate Vice Chancellor

Did you notice in the header above? Lorena Oropeza has been officially appointed as the permanent Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Diversity! Dr. Oropeza joined the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion last fall seceding the inaugural AVC, Raquel Aldana, who has returned to the UC Davis School of Law. A Professor of History, Dr. Oropeza studies people who during the 1960s raised hell because they wanted to stop a war, or fight racial injustice, or overthrown patriarchy. She was attracted to history as a field because, like those 1960s activists, she wishes to harness the subversive potential of history to interrogate received wisdom. Her most recent book is the award-winning The King of Adobe: Reies López Tijerina, Lost Prophet of the Chicano Movement about a Chicano movement leader who rewrote our understanding of the American West.

CAMPOS Faculty Scholar Alexis Patterson Williams Promoted to Associate Professor

The UC Davis School of Education announced Monday that CAMPOS Faculty Scholar Dr. Alexis Patterson Williams was promoted to Associate Professor. Patterson Williams was inducted into the 2015 cohort, the same year she joined the School of Education’s faculty. Dr. Patterson Williams’ research lies at the intersection of equity studies, social psychology, and science education. Recent projects have focused on equity issues that arise when students work together on group projects in science and the role social-emotional skills play in facilitating equitable interactions between students. Driving her research is the desire to study the challenges facing those in the field of science education in order to reframe science learning in terms of diversity and access. 

Office of Campus Community Relations | AEVC Rahim Reed

Call for applications for 2021-22 administrative advisory committees

Administrative Advisory Committees provide an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to participate in the governance of UC Davis. The committees address topics such as the arts, child and family care, diversity, student services, research, and transportation and parking services. Participation is welcome and applications encouraged to ensure broadly representative perspectives in campus decision-making. Members of all constituencies — Academic Senate and Academic Federation, staff, graduate students and undergraduate students — are eligible to participate in campus governance. Deadline: April 30. Learn more here.

Office of Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion | AVC Hendry Ton

MCAT Scholarship Opportunities

The Office of Student and Resident Diversity has two scholarship opportunities open for MCAT support:

MCAT Preparatory Scholarship | Deadline: June 7, 2021
In collaboration with the UC Postbaccalaureate Consortium and California State University Sacramento, the California Wellness Foundation will offer scholarships for a MCAT Preparatory Course. Applications to this course are available for current students and alumni within the California State University and University of California system. Included in this scholarship is the opportunity to be connected with the MiMentor community. Apply here.

CA Healthcare Workforce Pre-Medical Scholarship | Deadline: June 25, 2021
The CA Healthcare Workforce Pre-Medical Scholarship, sponsored by UC Davis School of Medicine, Office of Student and Resident Diversity, offers MCAT preparatory course and exam funding for learners interested in caring for underserved populations throughout California, particularly urban and rural areas. Both course completion and exam must be completed by September 30, 2021. Learn more.

Call for Letters of Interest: Supporting Education Excellence in Diversity (SEED) Program

Are you a UC Davis School of Medicine early-career faculty (MD, PhD, or MD/PhD) at the Assistant Professor level or above (minimum 4 years experience), with at least 2 years of experience in teaching and/or efforts that address equity, diversity and inclusion at an academic institution and want to advance diversity education efforts across UC Davis Health?

If so, please consider submitting a letter of interest in serving as a co-facilitator for the Supporting Educational Excellence in Diversity (SEED) program, to the Office for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. If you are interested in being considered for this role (.10 FTE for 1 year term with possibility of renewal or extension, starting January 2021-December 2021), please provide a letter of interest (2 page maximum) that addresses the following:

  • Minimum of 2 years experience in small group facilitation and large group teaching at an academic institution.
  • Your contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and tact in navigating complex issues in diversity, equity and inclusion. 
  • Adaptive to change, ability to engage proactively in project quality improvement efforts.
  • Preferred Qualification: Obtained a certificate of completion for the Supporting Educational Excellence in Diversity (SEED) training.

Please submit your letter of interest no later than Monday, May 3, 2021. Submit your letter here.


April 29, Thursday

CAMPOS Research Colloquium: Crystal D. Rogers, “Regulating neural crest cell fate and survival during embryonic development” | 3:10PM
Neural crest cells are ectodermally-derived embryonic stem cells that give rise to more than 30 adult tissue derivatives including craniofacial bone and cartilage, teeth, inner ear structures, pigment cells, and the peripheral nervous system. Failure in the specification, migration, or differentiation of these cells can lead to defects such as cleft palate, deafness, or peripheral nerve disorders among others. The epigenetic and molecular specification of ectodermal derivatives drives subsequent morphogenetic events. To understand the complex mechanisms that control the development of ectodermally-derived cells, our lab focuses on defining the relationship between transcriptional regulators, cell adhesion molecules, and signaling pathways during neural crest development. Please email Mariana Galindo-Vega for Zoom.

Muslim DEIN presents: Fasting Across Faiths | 6:30PM
Join Muslim Davis Engagement and Interfaith Network (DEIN) in this Ramadan program where we explore how many faiths share the tradition to go without food (fast) for prescribed periods of time and explore the spiritual benefits of a fast. Register here.

April 30, Friday

Check the Syllabus! Re-Examining our Syllabi with an Equity Lens | 1:00PM
What we say in our syllabus (and what we don’t say) can be consequential, not only in terms of providing students with basic information about a course, but also in setting the tone for how we hope to interact with students and ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed. In this hands-on workshop, Dr. Rachel Stumpf (CEE) will engage participants in a set of exercises to review one of their own syllabi from an equity lens and to identify opportunities for establishing a more inclusive classroom environment using the syllabus as a foundation. Both faculty and graduate student instructors are invited to participate in this workshop. Participants should bring a digital or paper copy of a syllabus they would like to review and revise. Register here.

May 3, Monday

Pride Month 2021 Presents: Gender Exploration Panel! | 3:00PM
Come join us for a candid discussion about folks exploring their gender in a cis-normative world. Our three panelists, Echo, Bee, and Avery will be reflecting on their own experiences and answering any questions you may have! This is a space for communal learning and sharing so come as you are- maybe you have knowledge you can share or you have no clue where to begin - we’ll always make space for you. Learn more here.

May 4, Tuesday

D&I Dialogue Series: Resilience, Patience, and Focus: A Ramadan Experience | 12:00PM
A panel and discussion on Ramadan, a month of fasting from dusk to dawn, introspection, and prayer for Muslims, within the context of healthcare. Panelists will discuss the impacts of fasting on resilience, patience, and drive and healthcare workers experiences during Ramadan. The Diversity and Inclusion Dialogue Series is a monthly series open to faculty, staff, students, and community members to learn about and discuss issues critical to cultural humility, health equity, and diversity and inclusion. Register here.

May 5, Wednesday

Leveraging the Power of the Interactive Lecture for Equity, Engagement, and Inclusion | 12:00PM
The ways in which we structure our classes are consequential for student learning: a lack of structure can have negative impacts on student learning, while aptly-designed and well-placed structures can support and enhance student engagement in course content. It is now recognized that incorporating structures into our lectures is a key element of inclusive pedagogy. In this workshop, Dr. Patricia Turner (CEE) will explore, with participants, the Interactive Lecture and how this mode of lecturing allows instructors to use structures such as anticipatory sets, concept maps, Frayer Models, and hierarchies in online and in-person lectures in ways that make lectures more engaging and more inclusive. Register here.

Health Care and the Pandemic’s Impact on the Latinx Community | 12:00PM
Please join UC Dvis Health and the Latinx Staff & Faculty Association for a panel conversation with Latinx professionals about the pandemic’s disparate impact. Panelists: Lorena Garcia, M.P.H., Dr.P.H.; Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, M.D., Ph.D.; Efrain Talamantes, M.D., M.B.A., M.Sc., ; moderated by Arturo Hernandez, R.N. Register here.

May 6, Thursday

Graduate Anti-Racism Symposium | 9:00AM
Graduate Studies is pleased to announce the inaugural Graduate Anti-Racism Symposium at UC Davis. Co-sponsored by the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the symposium seeks to highlight best practices in anti-racist approaches to graduate education, particularly in the wake of the death of George Floyd and the ensuring racial reckoning of 2020. Registration opens April 6. Learn more here.

May 7, Friday

48th Annual UC Davis Alumni Awards | 5:00PM

The Cal Aggie Alumni Association’s 48th Annual Alumni Awards recognize the achievements of four eminent University of California, Davis, graduates, including a rising leader in veterinary medicine, a tech entrepreneur, and local and global public service professionals. Despite their wide-ranging careers, these Aggies share more than their alma mater — they are all stars in their fields who are dedicating their lives to improving the lives of others. Learn more and register here

Prem Jain, M.S. ’77
Distinguished Achievement Award 

Scot Marciel  ’81
Emil M. Mrak International Award

Kimberly A. Dodd, Ph.D. ’14, D.V.M. ’15
Young Alumna Award

Caroline Flores Cabias ’72
Aggie Service Award

May 10, Monday

Vaccine equity efforts at public health care systems: Best practices & lessons learned | 12:00PM
Please consider attending this webinar on COVID 19 Vaccine Equity sponsored by the California Health Care Safety Net Institute.  They will also be sharing successful best practices and insights including those garnered from our vaccine equity efforts here at UC Davis. You can register by following the link: Meeting Registration - Zoom

May 12, Wednesday

Racial and Ethnic Disparities During the Covid-19 Pandemic | 12:00PM
From the Center for Poverty & Inequality. Long-standing social and health inequities have put many people from racial and ethnic minority groups at high risk during the Covid-19 pandemic. Join our panel of research experts for a discussion of the pandemic’s disproportionate effects on the health and economic well-being of marginalized groups in the U.S., and next steps for policy. Learn more and register here.

May 13, Thursday

Book Project: Mental Health & Immigration in the AAPI Community | 12:00PM
Featuring “Coffee Talking Out of Mental Coffin”, a 5-minute documentary about JR Kuo (Founder, CoffeeWithJR & mental health speaker, trainer, and coach) and his mental health journey as an immigrant. The film will serve as a medium of reflection for guided discussion about the intersectionality between mental health, the impact of immigration within Asian American communities, and Asian American cultural identities and experiences. Learn more and register here.

May 19, Wednesday

Racial Healing Circle | 6:00PM

We are creating a safe space for self-reflection to promote racial equity and healing. Learn more and register here.

May 21, Friday

CAMPSSAH Salon: A Conversation on Scholars’ Research and Life through the Pandemic | 12:00PM
Please join a panel discussion moderated by CAMPSSAH Faculty Director Kimberly Nettles-Barcelón featuring CAMPSSAH Faculty Scholars: Stacy-Ann Elvy, School of Law, “A Commercial Law of Privacy and Security”; Benjamin Weber, African American and African Studies, "Rethinking Human Rights through the Imprisoned Black Radical Tradition”; Beenash Jafri, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. “Decolonizing Diasporic Film.” Register here.

May 26, Wednesday

Racial Healing Circle | 6:00PM
We are creating a safe space for self-reflection to promote racial equity and healing. This session will be offered in celebration of Asian American Heritage Month. Register here.


Melissa Lutz Blouin, “UC Davis Documents Strategic Investments in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: University Takes Accountability and Action in Creating DEI Solutions,” UC Davis News, April 27, 2021.
UC Davis has taken a comprehensive look at its efforts to create a more inclusive campus community, including the creation of a new advisory position on closing student opportunity gaps, additional trainings and seminars, funding for graduate student researchers in the Cross Cultural Center and other centers, and more. Read the article.  

Dateline Staff, “UC Proposes COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate,” UC Davis News, April 27, 2021.
Under a proposed policy issued Friday (April 22) and which the university hopes to implement for the fall term, all personnel, trainees and students accessing university facilities and programs in person would be required to be immunized against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The proposal allows for limited exceptions and exemptions. UC attributed its early release of the policy proposal to the importance of being vaccinated against COVID-19 — so that people can plan now to get their shots. See UC Davis’ Campus Ready Vaccine Program webpage for information on how to make appointments. Officials also are engaging with the university community on the details of the policy. Read the articleComments are welcome by email.


Reporting Concerns of Harassment and Discrimination
The Harassment & Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program (HDAPP) supports the University's commitment to a harassment and discrimination-free work and learning environment for all members of the UC Davis, UC Davis Health, and University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR). 

If you are interested in reporting concerns of Harassment and Discrimination, please contact HDAPP to file a report and/or speak with a representative to better understand your options. Learn more about HDAPP here or go to HDAPP's website for more information.

Counseling Services Mental Health Resources Webinar [requires Kerberos log-in] One of the things we hear frequently from instructors about teaching in Spring 2020 is the extent to which they encountered students in their courses experiencing significant stress or crisis, yet they felt unequipped to help or direct students to resources. To help, Student Health and Counseling Services provided a Mental Health Resources Webinar. If supporting students in crisis is a concern for you, please watch this previously-recorded webinar. Webinar topics include an overview of mental health services on campus, how to make referrals, signs of distress and how to respond, and how faculty can support students in the classroom (remote or on-campus). Student Affairs has also provided this folder of faculty resources.

UC Davis Office for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion COVID resources page In English and Spanish to reach our communities and we are actively updating with new resources.

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