DEI Committees

Form a DEI Committee

A study of over 800 firms in the US found that DEI committees are the most effective means for organizations to improve DEI.

Organize a standing DEI committee (if you don’t have one already)

  • Create a public charge with an ongoing transparent presence (e.g. on a website and include “Implementing the UC Davis DEI Vision.”) Please provide us with information about your committee (contact name, link to website)
  • Membership reflect a range of identities, positions, and skillsets, but should be cognizant about not overburdening those who are already over-burdened. 
  • Should be required to report on progress on a regular basis.

Utilize these Resources

Review your existing committee (if you already have one)

  • Does it follow the best practices listed above? 
  • Does it follow the best practices outlined in each of these resources?
  • What, if any, changes or improvements need to be made and how will these be advanced in your organization?