Black Youth Symposium 2024 Banner

Event Date

UC Davis ARC Ballroom A & B

Registration Ends June 1st!

The Black Youth Symposium is a transformative event dedicated to addressing the critical issues of mental health awareness and higher education empowerment among underrepresented youth. This symposium aims to provide a supportive platform for Black youth to explore and nurture their mental well-being while gaining valuable insights and tools to excel academically. This event is open to all high school students (grades 9-12). Optional bowling at the MU Games Arena 3pm - 4pm. The entire games arena will be reserved for symposium participants. 
NOTE: SPOTS ARE LIMITED. Symposium is open to ALL students, regardless of EAOP status. Parents/ Guardians are responsible for providing their students own transportation. Parking is free on the weekends. Students will be required to wear t-shirts provided the day of the event.


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