Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) Implementation Committee Roster

The Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) Implementation Committee is comprised of leaders and stakeholders across the campus (administrators, faculty, staff, students), including trans and nonbinary campus community members.

Committee Leadership


  • Alissa Magorian, Associate Director, Undergraduate Academic Programs, College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
  • Christopher Nguyen Pheneger, Interim Director of Campus & Student Community Engagement, DEI


  • Blake Flaugher, Health Promotion Specialist, Sexual Well-Being, Student Health and Counseling Services
  • Cecily Nelson-Alford, Director of the Women’s Research and Resources Center

Data & IT Workgroup

  • Govind Acharya, Budget & Institutional Analysis
  • Karisa M Asato, Analyst, Graduate Studies
  • Matt Bishop, Academic Sentate IT Committee
  • Charles Bookman, Manager of SIS, Enterprise Student Applications, IT
  • Benjamin Martin Van Domelen, IT Systems Integration, UC Davis Health
  • Jessica LaBorde, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Advancement Services
  • Susana Lee, IT Enterprise Applications, UC Davis Health
  • Brendan Livingston, Director of Enrollment Management Analytics
  • Scott MacDonald, Clinical Informatics, UC Davis Health
  • Daniel Marenco, IT Manager, UC Davis Health
  • Corey Owens, Center for Health & Technology, UC Davis Health
  • Martin Perazza, IET
  • Drew Pokorney, Project Coordinator, UC Davis Health
  • Sandra Santiago, Director of Support Services and Data Management, UC Davis Health
  • Jason Stewart, Senior Advisor, Institutional Analysis, Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclsuion

Marketing & Communication Workgroup

  • Melissa Lutz Blouin, Director of News and Media Relations, Strategic Communications
  • Karl E Jandrey, Associate Dean and Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Laura Cerruti, Chief Impact Officer, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Justin Lok, Web and Multimedia Marketing Specialist, Student Affairs
  • Sallie Poggi, Executive Director, Strategic Communications

Policy & Practice Workgroup

  • Myrene Andrea V. Abot, Executive Officer, Offices of the Chancellor and Provost
  • Deborah G Agee, Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management
  • Cecily E Nelson-Alford, Director, Women's Resources and Research Center
  • Sheri Atkinson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Life, Campus Community and Retention Services, Student Affairs
  • Tessa C Bryce, Dean's Office Assistant, School of Law
  • Rocko DeLuca, Deputy Athletic Director
  • Maria E Eynon, Policy Coordinator, Compliance and Policy
  • Maggie A Fenton, Associate Athletics Director of Facilities, Operations & Capital Projects
  • Helen Schurke Frasier, Assistant Dean for Student Success Initiatives, College of Biological Sciences
  • Elizabeth Freeman, Professor, Department of English
  • Leticia Victoria Garay, Advisor, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Rebekah Grodsky, Registrar, School of Law
  • Lyndon A Huling, Manager for Leadership Recruitment & Diversity Services, Human Resources
  • Philip H Kass, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Gagan Kaur, Senior Auditor, Audit and Management Advisory Services
  • Leslyn Kraus, Director, Audit and Management Advisory Services
  • Joleen Lonigan, Executive Director of Patient Care Services, UC Davis Health
  • E. Nunez, Director of Undergraduate Research
  • Ted Powers, Professor, Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
  • Elizabeth Rice, Clinical Professor, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
  • Elissa J Roeser, Executive Assistant Dean, College of Engineering
  • Eric Louis Russell, Professor, Department of French & Italian
  • Richard Schoener, Assistant Dean, Continuing & Professional Education
  • Jolynn M Shoemaker, Director of Global Engagements, Department of Global Affairs
  • Leigh Ann Simmons, Professor and Chair, Department of Human Ecology
  • Blair Stephenson, Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance, Operations and Administration
  • Julie L Thue, Employee Relations Consultant, Employee & Labor Relations

Training & Awareness Workgroup

  • Steven Athanases, Professor, School of Education
  • Angel Bernardino, Trans Advocate, LGBTQIA Resource Center
  • Chloe Alyse Brotherton, Graduate Student, Department of Lingusitics
  • Shawn Christensen, Graduate Student
  • Blake Flaugher , Health Promotion Specialist, Sexual Well-Being, Student Health and Counseling Services
  • Marlene J Freid, Audience Services Manager, Mondavi Center
  • Elizabeth A Moon, Associate Director of Career Development and Chief Diversity Officer, Graduate School of Management
  • Tristan Morton, Director, LQBTQIA Resource Center
  • Ellen L Hartigan-O'Connor, Professor of History and Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Department of History
  • Christopher Nguyen Pheneger, Interim Director of Campus & Student Community Engagement, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • George Raiford III, Personnel Specialist, Office of Research
  • Kate C Turpin, Educational Program Designer, UC Davis School of Medicine
  • Elizabeth Vaziri, Finance Director, UC Davis Library
  • Mikael Villalobos,  Associate Vice Chancellor, Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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