The deadline to submit a Winter 2017 DI Innovation Grant has now passed. If you are looking for the 2018-19 Innovation Grant information go here. 

Please click here to read descriptions of the proposals for the sixty-one finalists.

The Diversity and Inclusion (DI) Innovation Grants are designed to support the ideas of UC Davis students, faculty, and staff that promote and enhance diversity and inclusion at the University. This funding program is the result of a collaborative partnership between the Office of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity, the Campus Council on Community and Diversity, the Office of Campus Community Relations, and the Staff Diversity Administrative Advisory Committee.

We welcome proposals for projects and programs that act upon, inform and teach about diversity and inclusion, cultural humility, social justice, equity, pipeline, multiculturalism, skills-based learning, Title IX, bystander intervention, sexual misconduct prevention, workplace inclusion, and other related topics.

Do you have an idea for a project or program that will support the goals of the forthcoming UC Davis Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion? If so, consider applying for a DI Innovation Grant, below.

Who is eligible?

All UC Davis students, staff, and faculty are eligible to receive a grant as individuals or as members of a group, team, office or department. There is no limit on how many people from the same student organization or department can submit proposals, nor any restriction on how many individuals can be included in a single proposal.

How many grants will be awarded and for what amounts?

Up to $50,000 total will be awarded, with individual grant amounts of up to $5,000 each. The total number of grants awarded will depend on the amount requested by each grant proposal.

Funding Information

  • Funding is one-time only, and must be used during the calendar year (2017) in which it is awarded, unless otherwise specified in your award letter, based on specific project needs.
  • Awards can range in size depending on the scope of the project. There is no minimum award limit—maximum amount awarded per project is $5,000.
  • Funds must be transferable to a campus account. This includes departmental or student organization agency accounts. If you are not part of a department of student organization, you will need to identify an on-campus sponsor through which funds can be disbursed. Note: Student agency accounts need to be renewed on June 30 of each year; awardees must ensure their account stays active through their project end date.
  • Proposals must contain complete budget information outlining proposed project costs, timeline for expenditure and implementation, and all other sources of funding or sponsorship, if applicable for your project/program.
  • Funding is not available for the purchase of alcohol. If alcohol is funded by another source as part of the proposed program, all aspects of the program must abide by the University’s Alcohol Policy as well as state and local laws.

Questions or inquiries about the proposal process can be submitted to  If you need any assistance with the proposal process, please email us or call us at 530-752-4292.

For planning purposes, you can also view the full application form as a PDF. If you are having difficulty accessing or completing the online form below, you may also complete and submit this PDF version of the Diversity and Inclusion Innovation Grant application before the February 13 deadline to