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UndocuAlly Training

UndocuAlly Training

The AB540 & Undocumented Student Center offers two types of training:

UndocuAlly Program for Peers

The UndocuAlly Program for Peers is open to ALL UC Davis undergraduate students regardless of their previous knowledge surrounding the undocumented student experience in higher education.

The training is composed of 4 distinct learning modules. The learning modules allow students to build upon their personal experience as participants of the workshop and their interactions with our facilitators to organically translate their newly acquired knowledge into effective allyship strategies to support the undocumented student community at UC Davis.

  • Learning Module 1: Laws and Policies affecting undocumented students
  • Learning Module 2: Multiple Narratives
  • Learning Module 3: Navigating UC Davis as an undocumented student
  • Learning Module 4: Effective Peer Allyship Strategies

UndocuAlly Program for Educators

the UndocuAlly Program for Educators (UPE), open to UC Davis faculty, staff, and graduate/professional students. UndocuAlly is a term used to identify campus allies for undocumented students. UPE is a professional learning opportunity for educators to develop and enhance their working knowledge regarding servicing undocumented student populations at UC Davis.